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honk -- jinghong kang was in the area for a job interview with google. >>> extra eyes were on hand to keep an eye out about a meeting about affordable housing in the north bay. continuing coverage now. patty lee joins us live in san rafael, where attendees of that meeting were greeted by protesters. >> reporter: this flyer shows why there is security on hand. even though the issue is affordable housing, what came up tonight were accusations including racism, and classism. dozens of protesters gathered to boycott a town hall meeting, organized by a group called citizen marin. it's an organization that wants decisions about affordable housing in marin to be made by homeowners, because they have the most at stake. protesters tonight called that racist, classist, and nimbist. state requires marin county to build affordable housing to address community growth. much is being revealed. >> it touches on some of the larger issues around. are we a welcoming community around race, around class, around economics? >> reporter: many homeowners in the crowd took issue with that characterization,
. >> well yeah, i google a lot of things. >> reporter: like what? >> like for instance right now we're looking for a place to live. >> reporter: lisa hernandez was cruising through the area of oakland known as deep east and to the rest of the area as east oakland. we spoke to her about how open oakland is trying to reach her. >> just trying to go to some where interesting. >> reporter: reaching hernandez may be their next challenge. >>> using a helicopter to try to fly to freedom. the daring escape that had all the makings of a holiday block buster. >> plus the unusual site after an italian volcano erupts. the heights the lava is reaching. >> the blunt message from madonna for the boy scouts. >> and in weather high clouds have been moving into the bay area this evening. a temperature change you can expect for tomorrow and the two days we could be tracking rain chances in the upcoming weeks. >>> an investigation is under way tonight after a private jet crashed in south bend indiana killing two people aboard the plane. now witnesses say the beach craft premier twin clipped one house,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)